Monday 10/13
Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley, CA


Symposium Networking Reception

During the Symposium Networking Reception, participants will have the opportunity to listen to business assistance success stories from Manex Consulting, see various companies display the latest technological innovations, discuss technology transfer, and find out more about the start-up companies from the Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneurs Program (BPEP)

Tuesday 10/14
University of California, Berkeley, International House


Breakfast and Registration


Opening Remarks

Janet Napolitano
University of California

Graham Fleming
Vice Chancellor for Research
University of California, Berkeley


University Technology Commercialization

Carol Mimura will present findings from studies conducted by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute on the impact of the University of California system in the economic development of the Bay Area. Afterwards, Holly Falk-Krzesinski will present her findings from analytic studies based on the publications and patents of UC Berkeley and the other ten UC campuses on the overall economic development in California.

Holly Falk-Krzesinski
Vice President of Global Academic & Research Relations

Elsevier Publishing

Carol Mimura

 Assistant Vice Chancellor

Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances, UC Berkeley


Keynote Speaker:

Sir Mike Gregory

Head of Institute for Manufacturing

University of Cambridge




University Innovation Ecosystem Development

How can you catalyze systemic innovation across entire campus communities?

How do you promote open innovation/entrepreneurship culture if it doesn’t exist organically? How do you design ecosystems that empower academic faculty innovators (and subsequently, their postdocs and graduate students), business schools, and technology transfer offices to become more involved?  What are the tools for increasing the scope of these initiatives in order to create jobs and wealth, impact the world, and generate new solutions to big problems?

Michael Alvarez

Executive Director

Center for Professional Development and Entrepreneurship

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Michael Cohen

Director of Innovation Ecosystem Development

Office of Technology Licensing, UC Berkeley

Greg Horowitt

Founding Partner & Managing Director

T2 Venture Capital


From the Ground Up: How to Build and Continuously Improve Reliable Industry Alliance Capability at Universities?

University-industry research collaborations merge basic and applied research, while incremental research and product development often occur in industrial labs. Even though industry alliance offices exist at universities, there is still a need for better cooperation between industries and universities, especially in challenging funding environments. How can we achieve this?

There is a demand for developing tools to build these alliances and manage them efficiently at a much earlier stage of research (between the university labs and potential partners in the industry). These earlier partnerships can help develop more valuable technologies that are easier to license and market. This panel will showcase the challenges and best practices from a series of academic and industry alliance leaders to discuss opportunities for refining academic-industry partnerships to maximize their inherent potential.

Sylvaine Cases

Director of External Innovation

University of California, San Francisco

Eric Geigrich


Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances 
University of California, Berkeley

Karin Immergluck

Director, Technology Management

University of California, San Francisco

Philip Sanderson

Project Manager, Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

National Institutes of Health



Brainwave to Benefit

Una Ryan


The Bay Area BioEconomy Initiative




Navigating Biomedical Careers

This session will begin with enlightening findings from the 2014 Talent Integration: California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry on the skills, training, and capabilities biomedical companies are seeking from new hires. Discussion will follow with university, college, student, and company representatives offering perspectives on the workforce challenges and opportunities that are currently present and how to negotiate them in order for the biomedical industry to flourish in the future and in California.

William Browne

Director of Workforce and Economic Development

The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex)

Aaron Castillo
Production Manager Penumbra, Inc.

Justin Elstrott

Scientific Manager


Shilpi Mathrani
Research Assistant
Mango Materials

Ann Schauer-Gimenez
Vice President of Methane Marketing
Mango Materials

Russ Young
Penumbra, Inc.


Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

There is a need for women to play a prominent role in decision-making, financial management, and boardrooms in both startups and established corporations, which takes appropriate training, mentoring and encouragement.

This session will bring together prominent leaders and entrepreneurs who will share their own experiences and stories of overcoming challenges and obtaining success in a challenging environment. They will explore the barriers to participation in the innovation ecosystem, especially for those with advanced degrees. This will enable the development of novel approaches in building a gender-balanced future by creating new ideas and opportunities as well as maximizing ROI by attracting women leaders.

Jennifer Goldstein

Managing Director, Life Sciences Practice

Silicon Valley Bank

Sara Kenkara-Mitra

Senior Vice President of Development Sciences


Vanessa Tolosa

Center for Micro and Nano Technology Materials Engineering Division

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Vivek Wadhwa

Fellow, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance

Stanford University


Tech Transfer to Manufacturing

This session will unveil the research and technology matching efforts of the Biomedical Manufacturing Network, including the “TechAttract” mobile app, the “Solitary Search” database, and “Reverse Pitch” events. Speakers will discuss the challenges of matching researchers and technology with company needs and preview how these new tools could help overcome the hurdles to translation.

Curt Anderson
Compass Product Design

Kevin Christopher

Industrial Partnerships Office

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Bill Shelander
Commercialization Expert
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Gregory Theyel

Program Director

East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network


Modern Investment Tools: Angels, Super Angels, Coprorate VCs and Traditional VCs – How can they better work with academia?

In the last decade, there has been a growing attention to translation and commercialization of university research. In addition, there has been a change in the way big corporations are investing in order to fill their product pipelines. This change in focus, coupled with a decrease in federal spending in R&D, has provided an opportunity for academia, corporations, and the investment community to collaborate to speed up innovation and improve product development.

Moreover, proximity to Silicon Valley provides the academic institutions in the San Francisco Bay area a unique opportunity to work with the Angel and Venture Capital investment community. In addition to financial support, these investors provide access to a tremendous network of people and resources that can help early stage entrepreneurs in academic institutions succeed. This can be particularly beneficial for advanced degree holders such as postdocs and those with PhDs as they may not have the same access to the level of interactions that others, such as current students directly in these academic institutions, have.

This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges in bringing new investment tools to work with academia. More university technologies could be brought to the market if we can facilitate such interactions. Tools such as “Proof of Concept Funding”, where investors can work with PIs to advance a technology to the market, will be explored in this discussion.

Steve Abbott
Chief Discovery Officer

Michelle Cucullu
University of California Office of the President

Ravi Kiron

Executive in Residence

SRI International

Ramesh Trivedi
Life Science Angels

Randy Williams

Founder & CEO

Keiretsu Angel Network


Closing Remarks


Closing Reception